A Green Landscape Paradise

Building a beautiful landscape need to know what kinds of materials to use. Of course a “green” landscape is much more than one that includes plenty of green plants and natural stone. There are small things everyone can be doing with their landscape to make it even more earth-friendly than it already is. Here are eight components of your landscaping plan you should put into place if you want to embrace a more eco-friendly design:

1. Have a rainwater harvesting system installed.
Every time it rains, there is plenty of water that’s being wasted. Why not collect some of that rain and save it for dryer days? A rainwater harvesting system does just that. There’s no need to water your lawn if you’ve been smart about saving up your rainwater.

2. Use durable materials like natural stone.
The longer a material lasts, the better it is for the environment because you don’t have to keep replacing it. Durable materials are better for your wallet too.

3. Work with your yard instead of against it.
Use every bit of your yard’s natural landscape to your advantage. There are numerous creative things you can do to enhance the beauty of your yard, even if it contains certain physical features that you just can’t stand. Instead of leveling out that hill, why not work with it? And there is any number of other examples of this as well.

4. Where possible, plant meadow, woodland, or other natural plants rather than plants that do not normally grow there.
This will keep your landscaping tasks down to a minimum because for the most part, these plants will take care of themselves. Being in their natural environment makes it easy for them to survive and thrive, unlike some foreign plants homeowners try to force into their landscaping.

5. Avoid using pesticides on your lawn.
Instead, use integrated pest management practices. A local landscaper can keep you up to date on the latest organic techniques in landscaping.

6. Landscaping Elements.
Use landscaping elements to control the sunlight, filtering it during the summer and letting as much of it through as possible during the winter months. This is one of the most complex parts of building a green landscape, so you will definitely want a local landscaping expert to help you figure out the best way to go about it.

7. Shade.
The use of specific styles of plants can offer a level of shade, which can help certain plants grow, while offering a cooler space for relaxation for you to enjoy.

8. Water feature installed.
Install a pond or other water feature to help keep temperatures a little bit cooler in the summer. Also use water in other ways, like making sure that you keep plants with similar water needs together for easy watering.

Landscaping offers a lot of beauty, and our yards are the perfect place to enjoy this beauty. It’s time to create wonderful landscaping on your backyard. What are you waiting for? Call your local landscaper in your area today to realize your idea.

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