A Unique Cultural Landmark in Ngong Ping – Ngong Ping Piazza

One of the outlying islands of Hong Kong is the lush and traditional island of Lantau. Located close to the mouth of Hong Kong’s Pearl River, this island is the largest island belonging to Hong Kong and is a popular tourist destination owing to its beautiful ecosystems, exciting attractions, and aesthetic culture.

Of the many fascinating attractions in this island, one which is of great cultural and traditional beauty and importance is the Ngong Ping Piazza, located on the plateau of Ngong Ping. Known for its serenity and oriental charm, the Ngong Ping Piazza provides an authentic oriental experience which allures all who visit it with a religious and traditional ambience that is most intriguing.

The plateau of Ngong Ping predominantly has a strong Buddhist identity which has influenced much of the lifestyle and architecture of Ngong Ping. Therefore the Ngong Ping Piazza too has a strong religious ambience which is both mystical and enchanting. The Ngong Ping Piazza has broadly been classified into four sections, each with its own unique beauty and charm. One of its most inspiring components is the New Pai Lau, an entrance to the Piazza of marvelous architectural beauty, heavily influenced by the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty. Another popular component is the Bodhi Path, a beautiful pathway leading from the New Pai Lau and lined with intricately designed lotus shaped lanterns and statues of the “Twelve Divine Generals”. The Di Tan, a giant open space providing an excellent view of the island’s Giant Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery, and the Chinese Landscape Gardens, a serene garden constructed in true Chinese architectural and landscape style, are also popular components of the Ngong Ping Piazza. The Piazza is also closely linked to other popular tourist attractions on the island such as the Po Ling Monastery, the Giant Buddha and the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, making a visit to this landmark interesting as well as convenient.

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