All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation Travel Tips

When it comes to Caribbean vacations, you are likely to do lots of traveling by car, plane, bus, and taxi. This can all be overwhelming, stressful, and expensive. What you need is some tips to help you out along the way; continue reading on for some.

Tips – Plane Ride to the Caribbean

Since you are likely traveling from the United States, you will arrive to the Caribbean by air. If you have yet to make your all-inclusive travel plans, consider adding in your airfare too. Most resorts enable you to do this, but it is optional. For that reason, make sure you check the “airline tickets included” box. You will find the cost very similar to booking your trip independently; in fact you might even get a discount!

Have all of your necessary travel documents easily accessible. As you know, you must show proof of identification when traveling abroad. You need a passport and a driver’s license. These items should be stored in your purse, wallet, or carryon bag for convenience. Have them ready at the airport to prevent delays.

If you are flying from the Northern United States to the Caribbean, it may be hard to get a direct flight (and they do cost more). If you have layovers, pack a few entertainment items in your carryon bag. Great ideas include a laptop, portable DVD player, MP3 player, books, and magazines.

Arrive at the airport early. This is tricky because some airports you can literally arrive 30 minutes before your flight and be okay, but others you need to arrive 1 to 2 hours beforehand. It is best to play it safe and arrive 2 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. This gives you time to go through security. Yes, you may find yourself waiting, but the risk of you missing your flight is small to nonexistent.

Tips – Traveling Around the Caribbean

Since your Caribbean vacation is all-inclusive, that means you booked a stay at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort. As you know, these resorts are loaded with things to do. Best of all? Most are listed as inclusions, meaning you don’t have to pay extra. If staying at an all-inclusive resort, limit your offsite travel. This saves you money.

Car rentals are available on most Caribbean islands, but they aren’t typically recommended for those on all-inclusive vacations. Remember, everything you need is right onsite so you are unlikely to venture off site a lot. If on a 7-day vacation and you intend to venture off the resort grounds 1 day only, a car rental is nice, but it may be a waste of money.

Most Caribbean islands have bus services available. Many of these busses have pickup locations right at or nearby all-inclusive resorts. As nice as this is, remember that you don’t get to handpick the drop-off destination. With that said, regular stops visit popular attractions.

Taxi cab services are also available on most Caribbean islands. They are recommended for short travel. They are also ideal if you want to visit a restaurant or attraction that isn’t serviced by a bus. Just like back home, some cab services are better than others. Ask a resort employee to call you a cab or recommend a company to ensure you get good, quality service.

Note: If you intend to use a taxi cab or a bus service, familiarize yourself with their fees or accepted method of payments ahead of time. In Jamaica, the currency is the Jamaica dollar; be sure you have this currency before hopping in a cab or on a bus.

Tips – Plane Ride Back Home

The Caribbean is one of those vacation destinations that you don’t want to leave. You will want to extend your trip as much as possible and sneak in a few more activities. This is okay, but don’t arrive at the airport too late. There is nothing worse than missing your flight and having to reschedule. As with departing airports back home, it is recommended that you arrive an hour or two before your flight is scheduled to depart.

So there you have it; some helpful Caribbean travel tips. Remember, if you have yet to book at stay at an all-inclusive resort, include your airfare in with your travel package. Not only might you get a good deal, but you also save time. With all-inclusive Caribbean travel packages one arrangement basically preplans and prepays for most of your trip!

Now that you have some Caribbean vacation travel tips are you ready to book your trip? If so, visit and choose from one of their luxury, yet affordable all-inclusive resorts.

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