Art and Paintings are Cultural Backbone of India

Modern and ancient art are instrumental in giving fame to our country all across the world. India was not just a very lucrative country from economic point of view only, but its art, architectural excellence, rich cultural heritage and literary treasures. India has always been earned for itself a respectable position in the eyes of the foreigners from different perspectives. Indian art and paintings have always been highly regarded and adorned by artist of all nations. Their ability to combine daily life stuffs in perfect tune with wild imagination and produce such in their tangible form on canvases and rocks etc have astonished several greatest artists of all times. India is evergreen and so timeless is its art works.
Landscape paintings in India is highly considered and commonly done. India is such a blessed and rich country whose treasure is always full with magnificent natural resources, objects of Nature and other eye-pleasing natural gifts from Mother Nature. It has got gigantic mountains, vast stretches of rivers, oceans and sea which promises life and keeps flowing since the very foundation of this planet itself, vast green meadows where gods themselves envy to portray such freshness and natural beauty, dark green forests abound in diverse wildlife and featured with rich flora etc. To produce masterpieces in Landscape painting segment will be highly pleasing and an experience to remember. At every corner of this country, a painter will get some form of natural beauty in its breath-taking glamour to draw inspiration from. Landscape painting suggests the idea of depicting natural sceneries like mountains, rivers, water bodies, forests etc and as such in an artistically beautiful painting form.
In India religion plays a very significant role. Previously, no images of gods and goddesses used to be there and people worshipped stone made idols. People were required to visit temples and such religious places to witness presence of gods. However, after a renowned painter hailing from South started giving face and human form to Hindu deities in his paintings in artistic manner, people got access to worship gods and goddesses at home only with their painted images that got printed in vast number to reach every possible house. Such tremendous and dramatic influence of painting and art has been on religious segments. These days, people with religious sentiments still love procuring Religious Paintings. Religious art and paintings would not have been possible without the artistic contribution of that renowned and great artist during the latter half of 1800.
Portrait painting have been popularized and practiced by skilled portrait painters since olden times, when rulers and emperors took keen interest in getting their portraits done elegantly to showcase their splendor, sophistication, social importance and royalty. Portrait painters used to be bestowed with royal pampering for their exceptional skill in creating exact version of the rulers in artistic manner using paint brushes on white canvases.
Portrait Art India is still practiced and one can buy such art online India. It is still very popular in the country.

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