Buying Real Estate in Nicaragua Includes a Rich Cultural Experience

In my opinion, once of the most important perks that comes with buying real estate in Nicaragua is the opportunity to become exposed to the rich cultural heritage of Nicaragua. All year round there are some wonderful cultural events. Nicaragua has wonderful street play and poetry festivals and also has numerous rodeos, bull riding contests, and horse related festivals.

The months around Christmas have a number of colourful celebrations and offer a wonderful glimpse into this rich and wonderfully warm and welcoming cultural heritage. The celebrations of December most often reflect Nicaragua’s deep Catholic heritage,

The Christmas time festivities begin on November 28th when the Virgin’s statue is taken from the church so that she may visit the different communities served by the church. This celebration is called ‘La Pursima’ is celebrated in primarily in the month of December. It is likely the most widespread of all Nicaraguan celebrations. From November 29th until December 13th, the Virgin is carried into different communities by groups of neighbors. The procession is accompanied by singing, music, a small marching band and a surprising number of firecrackers. During this period families decorate Virgin Mary alters in their homes and neighborhoods decorate parade floats in tribute to various themes related to the Virgin Mary.

The daily masses provide the beginning of each day’s journey to a new barrio. A rosary is read at the barrio in the late afternoon. After the rosary is read a traditional sweet drink made out of maiz and sweets are distributed to the children. Once the sweets are consumed, the Virgin makes the journey back to the Church.

On each December 7th, a happy, celebratory and often times energetic “crying out” for the Virgin can be heard all over the villages, towns, and cities of Nicaragua. December 7th is the day before Dia de la Virgin Maria and it is on this day that La Griteria is celebrated. People walk the streets of their neighborhoods crying out “What causes so much joy?” People sitting outside of their homes cry out in reply “The Conception of Mary”. Although this special event originated in the colonial city of Leon, the celebration of La Griteria have spread to Masaya, Jinotepe, San Juan del Sur, and Granada and eventually spread to all of the villages and countryside of Nicaragua. Wherever you might decide to retire and purchase real estate in Nicaragua you will be able to become a part of the celebrations of La Purisma and La Griteria.

Nicaragua is a great place to retire. It’s beautiful landscape and low cost of living are two reasons to consider it as a retirement destination. However, if are attracted to a sunny warm climate but also enjoy the enriching experience of exploring new and exciting cultures then a retirement in Nicaragua might be perfect for you. There are currently some compelling and attractive opportunities to own real estate in Nicaragua.

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