Cultural Tour of India – Visit to Rich Cultures

India is the most culturally nation in all over the world. The culture India, incredible, diverse and vivid, has fascinated travelers since ages. Even if the country is full of many different religions, traditions, food, languages, ethos, customs, castes, et cetera. There still stays a unity in this variety. This is what is excellent about the diverse aspects of rich Indian cultural, discrete yet in harmony in each other. Cultural tour of India aims to accentuate the preserved heritage of this nation.

This travel tour will drive you on an incredible journey of the splendid forts, palaces and royal havelis, which stand as a witness to the country’s royal times of yore. Forming another part of cultural tour of India are the abundant spiritual & sacred places of the country, consisting of remarkable temples, mosques, Gurdwaras, churches. During this tour, you will also be acquainted with the vivacious and spirited as well as delectable dishes of the country. One thing is for certain; the cultural miscellany and architectural exquisiteness of the Indian subcontinent will triumph your heart in the twinkling of an eye.

Visit in Rajasthan: Rajashthan is the ‘Land of kings’ is steeped in quixotic history, chivalry and velour. This incredible region boasts of some of the finest fortress palaces aligned the stark wasteland landscape with its highly coloured costumes of gorgeous people, turbaned men and splendidly jeweled women, havelies and rustic villages, spirited fairs and festivals. Culture holiday tour of India drives you an era long gone by. The prehistoric forts, palaces and hush-hush hunting lodges have now been converted into heritage hotels. During this tour you are able to taste of hospitality in exclusive properties in areas off the beat track across this beautiful territory.

Visit in Kerala: Kerala is stood at the top place India tourism map for its overwhelming surface. Kerala is known as ‘God’s Own Country’ by people in India. There are numerous things to visit like magnificent churches, spending temples, lakes and rivers and so of rivers also known as backwaters which are the prime attraction of Kerala. Many floras and faunas as well as national parks are also wonderful for its awesome atmosphere. Verkala, Kovalam, Cochin, Trivandrum etc are off beat beaches and tourists cannot miss going there fur sun shine and set on the beaches. Munnar hill station is also known as film centre in Kerala and also the love point. Kerala culture is quite different to the Rajasthan culture that’s why India is known for diversity. Hence, Kerala is a destination for all travelers whether they are honeymooners, leisure, adventure etc.

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