Landscape Posters.

Landscape posters brighten many homes throughout the globe today. The word “landscape” refers to the visual features of an area. The word “landscape” as used in art, began to be used in the late 16th century by Dutch artists who were among the first western artists to depict the land itself. Prior to this, western art was about people and man-made objects and sometimes animals, but not about the land itself in its own right.

Landscape art existed much earlier in other cultures including the traditional art-forms of China and Japan. This particular art-form has been said to be the greatest contribution from China to the world of art. Chinese landscape art takes its special character and way of viewing the world mainly from the Taoist (Daoist) tradition in that country.

Landscape photography is a major art-form now, popular with both amateur and professional photographers, and can be used to refer to things such as microscopic views and even view of the human body used as landscape as well as the more conventional meaning of the term.

Although most landscape art and photography depicts natural scenes without man-made influences, there are branches of these art-forms which specialize in man-made objects viewed as landscapes. These include urban landscape, industrial landscape or even photos of the human body used as landscape.

Ansel Adams is perhaps the most famous landscape photographer in the world today. His beautiful and dramatic shots of American landscapes are very well known and deservedly praised. Andrew Wyeth is among the most well-known of American landscape painters, and David Hockney is famous as a British landscape painter.

Landscape posters are one of the most popular subjects for posters today all around the world, and are used in interior decoration to evoke moods and emotions as well as to provide inspiration and natural influence inside the home.

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