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Petworth House and Park celebrates 'Capability' Brown's majestic work
“Walking through Petworth Park today, the landscape gives the impression of being totally natural, but in reality, it could not be more unnatural – an elaborate fake on a truly-epic scale. “Brown swept away Petworth's orderly,formal parterres, gardens …
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Benmore irrigation scheme goes from controversy to success
Controversy has dogged the Benmore Irrigation Scheme, but after 10 years the positives are starting to show. Pat Deavoll talks with general manager Barry Shepherd on the scheme's contribution to farming and the next development ahead. Travellers peer …

For city dwellers, viewing the subtle pasqueflower requires a pilgrimage
This abundance of names referencing so many aspects of the flower – temporal, physical, spiritual – gives as an indication of what a major part of the natural landscape they've been in prairie communities, despite their brief window of appearance. The …
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