Natural Lifestyle Buildings

With the emergence of the new garden buildings little seems to have remained of the idea of traditional home. They respond to the new needs of 21st-century man and to a craving for natural landscape around the dwelling. They appear to have been built in low-keyed style; viewed in the middle of their surroundings, they carry the onlooker’s imagination as far as Japan, to the beauty of haikus.

Garden studios have stemmed from people’s need to expand their homes. This alternative solution to traditional homes employs natural materials and high technology at the same time. Energy efficient and insulating materials are also used. Maintenance and running costs are reduced as much as possible while the effect on the surroundings has been carefully taken care of. The hosting garden and the inbuilt studio seem to co-exist in a harmony that also reigns over the latter’s functionality and aesthetics. Another concern of studio designer was to maximize natural light which enlightens the environment during work, rest or pleasure.

In terms of functionality, garden studios can accommodate various requirements and consequently operate as art studio, music studio, games room or simply leisure room. These futuristic lifestyle buildings use components which are factory built; traditional homes started to lose ground to these modular homes which are considered a silver bullet in the contemporary urban landscape. Modularity renders them adjustable to our needs and able to enhance our dwellings.

They are not time-consuming in terms of installation, a process which causes little disruption. Since no planning permission is normally required, that rules out unwanted paperwork and bureaucracy. A ten-year guarantee is included in this product’s package. All these are sufficient arguments to make you consider purchasing a garden studio.

Garden studios incarnate and successfully represent some of the core concepts of modern lifestyle such as mobility, flexibility, portability, accessibility, coziness, paradoxical mixture of privacy and transparence or openness.As caravans used to be a declaration of independence and the last expression of nomadic life, garden studios somehow go along the same road but getting a step closer to traditional homes. Their paradoxically frail appearance conceals a sturdiness and durability given by their building materials.

The garden studios are an expression of modern lifestyle which requires flexibility and mobility.