Now Available: Travel Tips Over The Phone

Not everybody is aware that a toll free line is available in Washington USA for people with questions on vacation travels. There is a United States agency who also gives out brochures to people letting them know about ways to travel safely within America. A total of nine brochures are printed by the agency covering various travel info topics aimed at letting all kinds of travelers know ways they can save time along with efforts and money while keeping problems minimal.

From car rentals to sightseeing places to other transportation options such concerns can be answered also through the toll free hotline of the agency. Pricing info along with reservations arrangements are not given by the agency it also does not give certain establishments preferential treatment. For further info however callers get referred elsewhere by the agency.

Preplanning holds the key to budget smart travels according to one of the brochures. There is no rush in choosing a particular travel package when you plan beforehand since you have lots of time to shop around for the one perfect for you and your budget. In other parts of the brochure you will learn how to cut costs when it comes to transportation plus meals and accommodations. It also mentions the difference in accommodation rates between in the city center and suburb lodging places with the latter being generally less pricey.

Hints on air fare rates are provided in the brochure but if you want to know more about getting air fare deals it will not give you a whole lot to go on. Avoid paying the full amount for tickets by scouting for any available special discounted air fares. Foreign sounding air fare bargains including the TGC or ITC or OTC or ABC or the open jaw circle rates are given space in the brochure along with some details regarding charters.

For most American families, a vacation trip means piling into the family car. Saving energy is the topic of another leaflet and also clues people in on how they can save on money along with fuel and time. Entertaining the use of alternate transport modes is also encouraged in the brochure. Rental cars are included in certain travel packages which makes them the more economical choice over bringing your own vehicle.

Travel agents and the services they can offer are seldom completely understood by consumers. You get to know how travel agents can help plan an affordable vacation with little time wasted on your part in another brochure without having to spend extra for such services. There are also tips for elderly travelers in other brochures plus group travel opportunities and special markdowns. Travelers accompanied by their pets will be better prepared if they browse the brochure on the topic.

The brochure on travel tips for the handicapped talks about some of the ways in which travel barriers are being overcome for handicapped travelers and how to plan vacations. To learn more about traveler rights and responsibilities consult the related brochure and refer to it for filing a complaint or knowing the options available. Travelers can also consult the ninth leaflet to learn about specific government agencies that can assist them in planning their vacations.

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