Pet Friendly Travel Tips

Airline travel for you and your pet will probably change in 2009. The aviation laws have become stricter since terrorism is on the rise. If you haven’t prepared your trip in advance, you may be surprised at the airport. Following are some pet friendly travel tips so you and your pet can travel comfortably.

Going on vacation just wouldn’t be the same without taking your pet. Travel has changed since 2001, and so have the rules for flying your pet.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) make the rules regarding pet travel. Here, for your information is an overview of what you should know.

– Your pet container must be small enough to fit underneath the seat without blocking any person’s path to the main aisle of the airplane.

– Your pet container must be stowed properly before the last passenger entry door to the airplane is closed in order for the airplane to leave the gate.

– Your pet container must remain properly stowed the entire time the airplane is moving on the airport surface and for take off and landing.

– You must follow flight attendant instructions regarding the proper stowage of your pet container.

In order for your pet to remain comfortable, the airlines require that your crate has enough room so the pet can stand, turn around and lie down. There are also strict requirements on what the crate is made of, that it has adequate ventilation and a proper door fastener.

Not all airlines allow pets to travel in the cabin. If this is true with your airline, they will consider your pet crate as checked baggage. This means your pet travels in the cargo hold with all other passenger baggage.

Also, make sure you know the rules for the state you’re traveling to. For example, if you’re traveling to the State of Hawaii, pets are not allowed in the passenger cabin. Your pet must be booked as check-in baggage. If you’re traveling within the islands of Hawaii, your pet may travel in the passenger cabin in a crate that fits under the seat in front of you. On the other hand, pets are permitted in the passenger cabin on flights leaving the State of Hawaii.

It’s also important that your pet is comfortable. If your travel involves a long flight, you may want to consider bringing a tranquilizer. Also, make sure you bring your pet’s water bowl and some of his favorite toys.

In order to make your entire vacation experience fun for your family and your pet make sure you call your airline so your understanding of their rules is clear. You can also go online to see pet do’s and don’ts. By understanding the latest pet friendly travel tips, your pet will consider YOU his best friend.

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