Pinar Del Ro: The Most Beautiful Landscape In Cuba.

Not many locations in Cuba display as much natural magnificence as Pinar del Rio. Set apart by the nature, this region hosts two of the six World Reservations of the Biosphere in the Cuba.

The charm of its flora and fauna constitutes the fundamental attractiveness of the county and of course is the land of the best tobacco in the world. Pinar del Rio constitutes a destination of excellent interest for those who find in the contact with the nature a good reason to travel.

Sited in the Viales Valley, amid its startling mountain range, is the Camping site Dos Hermanas (Two Sisters) that lets you enjoy a stunning landscape. You may choose among a number of activities like climbing, horse back riding, trailing, cave exploring, bicycle riding and so many other options while in your holidays in Pinar del Rio.

It is not just for its natural attributes that this province is so attractive, this piece of land is also the crib of many famous exponents of the Cuban art. Renowned novelists, music composers and singers, painters and poets have all come from Pinar del Rio. Just to mention few we have to include XIX novelist Cirilo Villaverde, Pedro Plablo Oliva and singer Polo Montaez

The most frequent party in the area is the guateque, rural celebration that is always carried out around a typical Cuban meal: pig roasted in spike, congr, plantain tostones, yucca with dressing and other vegetables and also with drinks as the Guayabita del Pinar, a typical delicious rum produced in the area.

The main access road is the terrestrial one. The entrance by sea is through the International Center of Diving Puertosol Mara la Gorda. There are many the places of landscape, anthropological, historical and cultural interest; without stopping to mention the beauty of their marine bottom. The visit to factories of tobacco is a unique opportunity to appreciate the process of elaboration of the Cuban cigars, known as the best in the world.

The most well-known and I would also state most attractive part of Pinar del Rio is Viales Valley. This location has the most wonderful mountain ranges and most picturesque valleys in Cuba. There is not much in terms of accommodation facilities in the vicinity just for not to damage the natural environment. To mention the best I have to include Los Jasmines Hotel, La Ermita and Rancho San Vicente Cottages.

As for city environment and nature, Pinar del Rio has comfortable lodgings. The specialized tourism, on the other hand, has suitable conditions for its realization that include all the stay facilities. Do not have a place to doubt, during your holidays in Cuba, you should spend some time in this incredible province, the land of the best tobacco in the world.

Jose Mauricio is a Travel Consultant specialist in organizing Holidays to Cuba. He is natural from Havana City and has a wealth of knowledge that will share with you. He can help you organize your tailor made holidays to Cuba and make it unique.

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