Senior Travel – Bus Travel Tips For Seniors

Bus travel can be a very nice experience for seniors. If you’re not in a big hurry and you like to save money, taking a bus can be a nice alternative to flying. When traveling by bus, you want to make your experience as pleasant as possible, and for this reason, following a few tips can make riding fun.

7 Bus Travel Tips for Seniors

Here are seven bus travel tips that you can follow to make a great trip.

Buses Can Take Longer – Buses can take longer than most forms of travel, because they are dealing with street traffic. There are sometimes accidents, and roads are under construction and buses are forced to take a detour, or are slowed down because some lanes are closed. However, an advantage of traveling by bus is that you get to really see the landscape, and you are closer with local people when you are traveling in a foreign country.

Don’t Sit Near the Bathroom – There are two problems when seniors sit near the bathroom. First, you are always going to have a stream of traffic of people walking past you for the entire trip.

Second, as the bus rolls on, the bathroom will begin to smell. If the bathroom is at the back of the bus, request a seat near the front. If it is at the front of the bus, sit further back. Inquire when you buy your bus ticket where the bathroom is located. The only reason you should sit close to the bathroom is if you have physical problems that make it difficult for you to walk far.

Travel Light – Another important bus travel tip is to travel light. Traveling light means that you have less to carry around, or need others to help you carry. It saves you money, and it is much safer. When you have more bags, you will have more things to keep an eye on, making it easier for thieves to take advantage of you.

Keep Yourself Occupied – On long journeys, you want to have something to keep you busy, or from becoming bored. Maybe you like crossword puzzles or a book. Or, you might want to bring along an iPod or MP3 player to listen to music or watch video clips. Having something to keep you occupied can make the trip seem much shorter and enjoyable.

Always Pack Food – Bring your own food when you travel. This will save you a lot of money in your travels. When you buy a lot of food on the road, it will take a big chunk out of your travel budget. It’s nice to eat at a roadside restaurant on some occasions, but you shouldn’t need to get out of the bus and buy something every time there is a stop.

Get Comfortable – Make sure you are dressed in loose fitting clothes, because you don’t want to have on tight clothes that are cutting off your circulation. Even if you are traveling through hot climates, you should bring a blanket or sweater, because the air conditioning in some buses is very strong. This is especially true when traveling through Latin America and South East Asia.

Bring a Travel Partner – For some seniors, having a travel partner is a way to prevent boredom, and it is a sure way to carry on conversations throughout their trips. For security reasons, there is always better safety in numbers, so traveling with others is usually considered safer than traveling alone.

Bus Travel Tips for Seniors – Conclusion

Following the above bus travel tips can make your trip more memorable. Taking a bus can be good fun with a little preparation. Plan early, enjoy the scenery, and then leave the driving to someone else.

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