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Before reading this article we have to know the meaning of abstract art. This categorises of art is the most complicated one among all of the arts or paintings. These types of art paintings are a perfect combination of imaginative design and vibrant colours. This art proves the artist’s skills of creativity, sensibility or knowledge of colours and devotion for arts. As we know these art is imaginative, so the artist should be a poet to give his art a life. These art paintings are being made mostly the combination of the acrylic paint, oil paint, and mixed media on canvas, paper or board. It is mostly viewed that every painting has a different thought and a millions reflection to it.
Obsessive art lovers are the buyer of these arts. They are always in search of ideal abstract art paintings to glorify their home. Corporate offices and hotels are also the buyer of these arts to beatify their place. For that reason, nowadays the market of this art painting has been growing up
significantly day by day. Demand of these arts are not only increased in India, also requirement from internationally too. However, the artists of abstract arts in India are still very limited, but they are enjoying by sale off their arts equally in India and rest of the world. Senior abstractionist has reached very expensive by the value of prices, in other hand the middle and younger age group are being noted over and moving forward on the price frontage.
Out of abstract art paintings, landscape art also popular as contemporary art. All we know that India is delightful and ancient land with the prosperity of natural beauty. The natural landscape like mountains with valleys, violent seas with the view of sunset on beaches, deserts, dense forests, different types of trees, rivers and lakes are always been the resource of encouragement for the Indian artists, which can be mostly found in all the Indian contemporary art. For the reason of India’s incredible natural beauty most of the modern and contemporary art is based on landscape of India. Indian modern landscape art is based on both the natural and urban structures. Like the monuments that were build by Mughal Empire or the palaces that were builds by Rajpoot kings. These unique structures have inspired many talented artists to make splendid paintings.
By the demand of Indian art lovers and collectors, there are many renounced arts gallery has formed in India to promote the Indian art culture. In Kolkata, renounced online art galleries come up with exclusive range of Indian modern arts by the artists of Bengal and rest of India. Those art galleries brings to you varieties new collection of abstract and landscape art paintings with a combination of valiant colours and confident brush strokes. These paintings impart beauty to your home by placing at your drawing room wall. These beautiful paintings with lively colour give a royal look to any corporate office and hotel reception. If you are a real art lover or collector, these galleries will help you by their online support and wide range of collection of abstract Art in India and as well as landscape art India. So, you can now choose your desired exclusive paintings from your home or office.

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