Top Six Attention Seeking Tips for a Multi-Cultural Advertising Agency in 2015

Obama has made full use of the Hispanic and African American voting power and their digital prowess to produce an electoral win. So, if the multicultural Advertising Agencies change their approach to their multicultural consumers, even they can get tremendous success in their multicultural marketing campaigns.
1. See the bigger picture:
It is always better for a multi-cultural advertising agency to imbibe a multi-cultural thinking into their overall core brand strategy. One can ask themselves a few questions while at it to give your thought process a direction.
* How will the multi-cultural audience consume my visuals?
* Will the brand essence and symbolism be carried over in the same way if we translated it to Spanish?
* Did we cover the cultural celebrations or milestones that would have given us a chance to engage with our audience well?
2. Be social, do mobile: Your multi-cultural audience is leading in social media usage and mobile technology adoption. According to Pew, African Americans are more inclined to use Twitter than the white/non-Hispanic Internet users and Hispanic Internet users.

3. Thinking multicultural does not necessarily mean BEING multicultural: A multicultural advertising agency does not have to adopt a particular race/ethnicity to think like them. Even if you direct your strategy and message to focus on individuals, agencies and vendors that understand the lifestyle and mindset of the target consumer, you are good to go. You need to understand the cultural landscape, celebrate culture and go beyond language, music, or cuisine.

4. Dig the Networks
To get to know the communities better, visit social networking sites, microsites or blogs geared toward multicultural groups. Few sites, such as TheGrio, MySpace Latino, CitySaheli, etc. will give you lot of information on their viewpoints, popular topics and current issues faced by the community. This will really help while building your campaign.
5. Sing it – “No” to Stereotyping
Using stereotype is a temptation and a matter of habit. You always have a tug of war between ‘general’ vs ‘multicultural marketing’. There are no shortcuts to understanding multicultural customers, and this requires a good research. As culture is a sensitive issue for many people, do not assume things and do your homework well.
6. Challenge your Assumptions
Test your ideas on employees and consumer focus groups while developing your site. tested their concepts on their focus groups at several stages. The site received strong support from the employees of American Airlines, especially those who were African-Americans.
Multi-cultural social media is not just a passing fad, but an opportunity to work with ideas, products, and services. A good multicultural ad agency will always build niche cultural campaigns to increase brand awareness, which the multicultural consumers enjoy. A multicultural advertising agency will know where to where to seed its message, so that it can effectively speak to the targeted audience.

We are a full service multicultural marketing agency that services clients in the US, Canada, UK and India. Ask us about our ad placements, live productions and big budget campaigns. Whatever your need, we can tailor a strategy that will increase traffic to your doorstep.

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