Travel Tips For Packing

This is an article that will give you some ideas on what to pack and what not to pack when on vacation as well as some packing techniques.

a. Separating Your Beach Luggage

When traveling you normally want to visit many places such as monuments, national parks and beaches. So before you leave home you just pack anything you think is going to be needed. Well I learned that if visiting a beach is in your schedule it is a good idea to put anything you will need like swimsuits and towels in a separate beach bag, which for me should always be made of plastic or an impermeable material. Then put it inside your backpack with the rest of your luggage.

I know it might seem like a waste of space but you won’t always be able to dry your wet clothes immediately, that is why an impermeable beach bag will avoid that the rest of your luggage gets wet. It is also helpful when traveling with kids. It will save you some time, because you have it all in one place, you just have to grab it and go instead of getting it all together every time you have to go to the beach.

b. Don’t Leave Your Home Without Sunscreen

Costa Rica is very close to the Equator and sun burns skin faster than you may be used to. So the normal advice would be “wear sunscreen”. But in this country rain can be unexpected and sudden so a regular sunscreen won’t do the job. My advice is to find a waterproof sunscreen, you should also get the one that offers the highest protection, so you don’t have to worry about it every 15 minutes, especially when traveling with kids.

c. 4 Things to Pack and Not Feel Guilty About

1. Laptop: You can use your laptop instead of a cell phone, send pictures to friends as you travel, and get quick responses to your questions about the place you are in from Twitter. As you can see an average laptop can replace many other items you don’t need to travel with.

2. Books: A book can also help you really disconnect from home and work when you travel and connect with your surroundings instead. Also though they can be heavy and don’t have an on/off switch, a good book doesn’t need a power outlet, won’t be unusable if it gets wet, and not something most thieves are after.

3. Extra Shoes: The easiest way to pack a pair of shoes in your backpack is not to put them in it at all. Just tie the shoes together by the laces and then to your backpack straps. There are 2 types of shoes that you can’t go wrong with and one just in case: first a good pair of walking or running shoes, slippers, and a decent pair of dress shoes.

4. A Suitcase: Of course you don’t really pack a suitcase but it’s the travel item that probably brings frequent travelers the most guilt but it can be helpful. So why don’t you find a cheap or used suitcase if you end up needing one and let it rest in your hotel or an airport or train locker. You can come back and forth to it to fill you backpack full of the things you’ll need for the day.

d. A New Packing Method

I have traveled a lot, which means a lot of luggage carrying and it is never easy. The clothes always get wrinkled and it seems like you never have enough room for it. So to make it all simpler I use the ‘Interweaving Packing Method’, this is how it goes: Drape longer garments (pants and dresses) across the suitcase, with the ends hanging over the sides. Then, fold smaller items like jackets, shirts, and blouses around the longer garments.

The clothes will cushion each other, and by placing a piece of tissue paper in between each layer of clothing, it will prevent wrinkling.

e. Do You Know Where Your Purse Is?

Women travelers, I’ve had many uncomfortable moments parting with their purses. I also guess that many of you have too. So after having one too many not-so-fun mugging moments, I decided to have a good hard look through my purse and I discovered that I don’t really need all that!

So I made a small list of what you really need, here it is:


Credit Cards



So next time you go for a day tour, leave the bag at home. You’ll find it to be such a stress reliever! Chances are you’ll be wearing comfortable clothes with pockets, so why not use them to keep your camera and other little thing you might need.

f. A New Use for Old Pantyhose

I learned that airports can be an easy place for others to prey on unsuspecting travelers who are unfamiliar with their surroundings. So after talking to a friend she gave me an idea and after trying it I decided that you might like it: Cut off a leg of an old pair of pantyhose and put the money/credit cards in the leg then tie the leg around your waist underneath loose-fitting clothes. But always keep some money in a more accessible place in case you need some.

g. Guys Get A Mugger’s Wallet

Because anywhere you go there will always be thieves. So why not carry a ‘mugger’s wallet’ when travelling, so in case of an emergency, you can surrender it easily. If not it can be used for the day-to-day minor expenses. In it you can carry a big bill in front and a half-dozen or so smaller bills behind, along with your photo ID library card, some other papers, hotel coupons, etc, for bulk.

Marina K. Villatoro, the Travel Experta, lives in Central America – Costa Rica and Guatemala for the past decade. She’s traveled these parts extensively and now loves to organize vacations to these amazing parts of the world. Having first hand experience of all the places with her family, she can recommend the best options for you. Contact her for advice and to plan your perfect trip!