Travel Tips for Your Italian Vacation

A trip to Italy should begin with travel tips that will help you make appropriate travel decisions.

Travel to Italy involves choosing from a variety of hotels for all levels of tourists. There are many budget hotels usually located near the train station, however some might be a little less than ideal. It’s a very good idea to take a look around a hotel before you actually register. The government has a rating system according to a star classification, but the building’s appeal is not considered. You may find that renting houses and apartments is cheaper than a hotel in the long run if your stay is going to last more than a few days.

The best way to enjoy more activities than visitors normally do is going to a “sagra” otherwise known as an Italian festival. Sagras typically include a vast array of items including porcini mushrooms, artichokes, wine, and flowers. The Italian people celebrate with delicious food outside and this is a good way to socialize with Italians just by being friendly.

Of course you should expect to use Italian for most communication, but you may also encounter local dialects as well, especially in the southern city of Naples and the region of Sicily. In locations that tourists visit frequently such as Rome or Florence, most people speak English.

“Sciopero” is an Italian word you need to remember because it is interpreted as strike and “sho-per-o” is its pronunciation. A tourist needs to take into account that strikes do occur frequently in Italy although they usually have only a single day’s duration.

If you find the word sciopero on papers on the walls or windows of trains or bus stations, you will be able to make out that a strike is going to take place. Many labor issues are often displayed to public consciousness either this way or by means of short strikes.

Having maps of Italy is good for travel planning. There are many online maps of Italy available such as the train map, automobile maps, and bus routes.

The rail system supports Italy’s public transportation and occasionally buses pass through the same rail routes. Small cities in Italy have access to bigger cities through bus trips that usually run twice a day. Bus and train travel in Italy is relatively inexpensive compared to other European nations because these businesses receive subsidies. One interesting thing you should notice is that a smaller number of trains run during holidays and on days other than regular work days.

Although the Italian climate is mild, rain in southern Italy can be rare in the summer. If you’re going to travel in the northern mountainous regions, be prepared do deal with heavy rains in the summer. The month of August is when Italians take their vacation and head to the beach because summer can be extremely hot. A good time to visit Italy is in the fall season because the truffles and porcini begin to flourish.

With a little planning, and a little research prior to your Italian vacation, you can have the vacation of your dreams when you visit the beautiful country of Italy.

Larry Aiello is a travel enthusiast and loves to share his passion and advice about Italy such as the best way to find a room in Rome. He also loves to teach people how to learn Italian with his language podcast.

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